On Yavin Scammer Hunter on Dangers of Scams

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Although the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is maturing and gaining some respect, it’s still having some trouble shedding its reputation for scammy behavior. High-profile stories like the excellent BBC miniseries The Missing Cryptoqueen, and the chaos left in the wake of QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten’s death have led some potential investors wary of the industry.

On Yavin scammer hunter understands why people are worried, and believes the industry needs to do more in order to clean up the scams and make it safer for newcomers.

“If the crypto community wants to see mass adoption, we have to self-police,” says On Yavin scammer hunter and CEO of Cointelligence. “A lot of people still don’t trust cryptocurrency. They need to feel safe if they’re going to commit any of their assets to it.”

Although not everyone in the community needs to become a scammer hunter themselves, there are easy steps the community can take to help clean up:

  1. Boost the signal when scam hunters share their reports. A simple retweet or Facebook share can do a lot.
  2. If your friends or family show an interest in crypto, help them learn how to avoid scams. Share good educational resources with them and patiently answer their questions.
  3. If you see suspicious behavior but don’t have the skills or knowledge to determine whether it’s a scam, share it with someone like On Yavin scammer hunter.

Everyone can do their part to make sure that scammers don’t feel welcome. If the community turns a blind eye because they personally know how to avoid a scam, they simply make it easy for dishonest people to prey on newcomers who haven’t learned better yet.

“I don’t expect everyone to hunt scammers,” says On Yavin. “All I ask is that the community support those of us who do, by sharing our work and refusing to work with known scammers.”

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